Pinterest Has My Interest

Since Facebook, Twitter and my assortment of websites and blogs don’t take up enough of my time, I decided it was time to dive into the wonderful world of pinning on Pinterest. This new website defines itself as “an online pinboard to collect and share what inspires you” and it will happily fill any narcissistic gaps you’re feeling with Facebook and Twitter.

I think the next best thing would be another site called Pinbook. This would be a combination of Pinterest and Facebook that would allow people to pin pictures or words on virtual voodoo dolls of friends or foes. Just remember, you heard it here first.

Actually, a recent study indicates that Pinterest “drives more traffic than Google+, YouTube and LinkedIn combined.” I’m not surprised. It will surely be blocked by most company internet systems due to its ability to suck in the user with captivating, inspirational pictures. You will have no problem squandering away a few hours a day on the internet finding the perfect subjects for your virtual bulletin boards.

Some businesses have done an excellent job creating an image for themselves through Pinterest. “Pin etiquette” states that it’s not encouraged for businesses to self-promote, but rather curate and share things that represent the company’s brand personality visually. I like this. No direct selling, just pretty, thought-provoking pictures with links. Several companies, such as Whole Foods, West Elm and Real Simple have done an excellent job branding themselves this way.

Personally, I have found a lot of clever and inspirational things to pin on my boards. One of my favorites, is salad in a mason jar. This clever idea was originally posted in the blog, Fat Girl Trapped in a Skinny Body. I love the idea of a pretty salad to go. I made mine with my staple vinaigrette that I learned to make while studying in France a thousand years ago. Make sure to give your dressing a pulse in the blender so it won’t separate and pour it in the jar layering with your favorite salad goodies. Just shake when you’re ready to eat.

Happy pinning and eating and crafting and dreaming.