Natural Facial Goodies

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Our facial products are delicately balanced for all skin types. We use only the purest, vitamin-rich ingredients to give you the best skin possible.

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Amazing gentle facial cleanser that treats dry skin as well as acne.

Here’s what customers are saying about our Oatmeal and Honey Cleansing Grains:

“This is the best cleanser ever! Yes, it smells amazing…just like the almond paste Italian cookies my grandmother used to make…yum! It has a very calming and soothing scent. This cleanser is clearing my adult cystic acne better than any other product I have ever used…after just 1 week!! It exfoliates perfectly- not too harsh or gritty, but enough that I definitely feel smooth once I rinse. Don’t stop making or change this cleanser- it’s absolutely PERFECT the way it is!!!” ~ Kerrie

“Amazing!! Will purchase again, don’t stop making it. Has made my sensitive skin very happy and balanced. It feels great, smells wonderful and leaves me with a healthy glow. Thank you!!” ~ Lexi

“Best facial cleanser I have ever used! I get consistent results- my acne is now non-existent and my dry patched are completely gone! My skin is loving this stuff! Plus it smells awesome!”

“I have been using the oatmeal/honey facial cleaning grains day and night since Aug. 1. I am African American, prone to scarring from acne. This cleanser has kept the occasional pimple away, even the hormonal breakouts that I am used to. It also looks like it is fading some of the newer scarring that I had. I have never had to use a moisturizer after, and I just love it.” ~ Mistique