Check out what Tara Mackey has to say about Raw Olive products.

The Organic Life

I am SO thrilled and excited to bring you a life and skin changing brand that I have recommended to everyone from young women to my family, other models, young men, all my girlfriends, and to mother’s for their children!  It feels SO good to be able to recommend Raw Olive across the board to people that I love!


Elizabeth Voss, mother to 3 beautiful girls (9, 11, and 14) is ” constantly trying to create products that I feel comfortable with them using. Raw Olive has become a perfect marriage between my love for cooking and all things natural.  Raw Olive was born out of a desire to find pure, natural bath and beauty products for my family. I was shocked to learn that a lot of the “natural” products offered at health food stores still included potentially harmful ingredients such as parabens, sodium laurel sulfate, and…

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